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Do you want to have more fun riding your mountain bike?......... If so read on......


We live and breathe mountain biking and we want you to get the most fun and enjoyment out of riding your mountain bike by becoming the best rider you can be.

We started out riding the trails by luck and good fortune rather than skill and judgment, we didn't understand the ins and outs of mountain biking and hadn't much of a clue about compression or rebound!

We learnt by attending skills courses and listening to the professionals in the sport, building our knowledge and going through very similar experiences to the riders that we coach and guide. 

We know and understand what it's like to hit the trails for your first ride, we know how riders want to progress and get the most fun and enjoyment out of riding, whether this be epic cross country adventures, shredding down steep, technical singletrack or riding around one of the many excellent trail centres in the UK. It's about developing your skills and building your confidence, so you WANT to get out there and ride!

We no longer offer courses for beginners, intermediates and advanced riders. We know that everyone's ability, learning style and goals are different, so why shouldn't you have a course that's tailored around you? 

We live in the historic Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire. Our skills courses are run with the permission of the Forestry Commission at Sherwood Pines and with Gez and Sharon at Belper Bike Barn / Tannenbaum Camp Site near Belper in Derbyshire. Our natural terrain coached guided rides take place in the Peak District National Park and the North Yorkshire Moors.

We know what we are doing, it's all about you, not us, check out our feedback. If you have any questions please click the contact us button below and get in touch.

Andy & Nik




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2020 Latest News: 

September 2020

Finally! After a few reschedules and a bit of luck, we can

now add and offer Cyclo-cross / gravel coaching to our

growing portfolio of qualifications.


September 2020
We've dusted off our old YouTube, Instagram and Twitter accounts and given them a bit of a makeover.
All the content will be MTB related so give us a follow if you are interested in keeping up to date with what's going on.
  • Wix Facebook page
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
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August 2020
Never a truer word spoken....
Nikki Brammeier British Cyclocross and MTB champion shares her thoughts on coaching young riders....
Young or not so young, this is what we've always believed in #bethebestyoucan 
August 2020
Really great feedback from a fab couple on their recent skills day...
Andy was encouraging all of the time and at no point did I feel stupid or incapable.  A great coach with a very relaxed style - Angie, Derby
Andy soon developed my trust in him to know how far I could go, if he said I could, I believed it and delivered - Dave, Derby
15th August - Our 2nd Introduction to Mountain Biking Skills Day - Belper Bike Barn, Belper, Derbyshire.
For full details please click the link below.
July 2020 
First coaching session of the Summer season done in mixed conditions in the Peak District. Sonja and Kev who hail from the flat lands of Norfolk, wanted to brush up on their, steep rocky, rooty terrain riding in preparation for a forthcoming holiday in Wales. We've coached S & K before so know the type of riders they are an what types of terrain they wanted explore. We had a fantastic time spending 2 days around the Hope Valley and Blacka Moor with a final scenic cruise along Burbage Rocks. Awesome weekend :-)
New jerseys have arrived.....
Thanks to Dirty Rides MTB Apparel our new long sleeved jerseys have arrived!
Just in time for coaching to resume :-) 
June 2020
New beginnings...With Nik now officially on board with PMTBUK we thought it was about time for a bit of a spruce up and we have taken the opportunity to 're brand' a little.
We are changing our colours to a claret and blue theme (away from black!), have updated our font and we enlisted Dirty Rides Apparel to help us design some jersey's to make us stand out from the crowd.
We would like to thank our friends for allowing us to add their brands to our jersey and we are over the moon on how the design has turned out.
We are hoping that they will also be available to purchase direct from Dirty Rides if our friends and customers wish to own one.

April 2020


It's been 10 years since I became a sports coach starting off with football and a 5 year term as Manager and Coach for one of my villages youth teams.


I bought my first real MTB in 2010 a Carrera Vengeance Ltd hardtail for £299 in a sale from Halfords as I needed to get fit as I (see the photo's) wasn't in the best of shape and the kids in the team where running rings around me 🥵


I remember telling the person in Halfords that I needed 22" wheels, so little did I know about MTB and what I was about to let myself in for! At the same time Nik purchased a Specialized Bicycles Myka HT, she'd done lots of research and even had a test ride, she knew what she was doing...I obviously didn't.


The Vengeance served me very well indeed, I rode it on road to start with, then I did a very flat, and tarmac, into a constant headwind 90 mile charity ride to Skegness on hard 40+ psi knobbly tyres wearing clipless shoes. It was this charity ride that finally got me to swap to flats as it felt like every time I stopped I fell over. something had to change 😕


In April 2012 Nik and I decided to upgrade our skills by attending a beginners MTB course held at Sherwood Pines - Forestry England by a now long since gone coaching company. We enjoyed our day, we thought we'd learnt lots and it gave us an inclining into the world of MTB and introduced to words like GNAR, SHRED and STACKED IT 🤣


With our new found skills we left the relevant safety of Sherwood Pines Kitchener Trail and headed out to Cannock Chase Forest - Forestry England o tackle the Monkey Trail, well it's a RED graded trail just like the Kitchener ain't it 😱 The day we went it was pissing down and cold, after about 5 minutes we realised that we were WELL out of our depths and that RED, don't really mean RED at all, there was far more of that GNAR that we'd heard about and we certainly got to grips with STACKING IT!!!

Finishing looking like 2 very sorry for themselves drowned monkeys with bikes that were on the edge of divorcing us for the maltreatment we'd put them through, we had learnt many lessons, which rather than putting us off inspired us and ignited a spark ⚡️ to #bethebestyoucan and the rest is pretty much history.


Even though the Vengeance is long gone...I eventually snapped the frame across the middle of the top tube, doing stuff it was never ever meant to do 🙁 still lives on as its hydraulic brakes are fitted to our daughters hard tail. Niks Myka lives on in as it's got a happy life living with my lil Sis ❤️


It really feels like a life time ago that all this happened, we've done so much since, we've ridden places and terrain that still has us going "did we really just ride down that😮" and "are you sure there's a trail here as I can't find owt on the map and the GPS is just laughing at me🤣", we've met soooo many amazing people and had such an awesome time, we really can't believe that it all started so haphazardly 🙃


We are very much looking forward to the next 10 years, we still want to #bethebestWEcan. Even with the current situation we both have a lot going on as we are both studying for various degree's and still have courses to attend when the situation improves, plus we really want to get out and meet those friends we've made again, we miss you all 💋


Here's hoping that you are all #stayingsafe getting what exercise you can and looking after those you cherish the most, we'll see you soon 👊👊👊

March 2020
18th April Belper Bike Barn Official Launch Day, click on the link for further details...

March 2020

It's great to get feedback on what we do, thanks to Paul for taking the time to let us know what he thought of his Skills Development Day.

I booked the training to increase my overall confidence whilst riding trail routes and more specifically to improve my riding when on more technical routes. This wasn't just about trying to ride faster but riding more efficiently, safer and more relaxed.

I ticked everyone one of those items and finished the day feeling absolutely fantastic!


Great day with a very good instructor. 

March 2020 
Massive congratulations to Nik #performanceMTBUK and Gez #BelperBikeBarn who whilst riding in adverse and challenging conditions on the North Yorkshire Moors, successfully completed and passed their #BritishCycling Mountain Biking Level 2 Rider Leader / Ride Guide Awards #stoked 

Belper Bike Barn's new website has just gone live! You can check it out by clicking on their logo below.

Plus their Introduction to Mountain Biking Skills Course at the end of March is almost fully booked! Awesome! 

February 2020


It's not often that a rider we coach writes about their experience in a blog, but Leigh has just done that! You can read about his experience here....

           Absolutely #stoked to announce that we will be providing coaching courses in association with 
from their newly opened shop next to 
on the outskirts of Belper / Ambergate on the edge of the Peak District in Derbyshire.
Our first course is on Saturday 28th March 2020, please see our courses availability page for further details.
December 2019 
Our friends at Belper Bike Barn (next to Tannenbaum Campsite near Shining Cliff / Black Rock, Ambergate, Derbyshire) are busy getting their shop up and running for it's official opening in Spring 2020.
We are hoping to help support Sharon & Gez (MTB Skills Coach and MTB Ride Leader) with skills courses and guided rides from the shop / campsite in 2020. If you are interested in finding out more, then click on their logo's  below.
September 2019
So far in 2019 we've coached more people than in the whole of 2018! This is awesome and we really hope that this can continue. Many thanks to everyone who's chosen us as their preferred MTB coaching team.
We've been working with British Cycling and just finished providing the coaching for the East Midlands MTB Youth Talent Development programme.
TotalMTB have held a couple of social rides at Sherwood Pines Forest Park and we have been on hand to lead rides around the not so well known off piste tracks n trails, this has been well received and  been a great buzz.
We've provided MTB Skills Development Coaching for the younger riders of Sherwood Pines Cycling Club. Over a series of 6 weekly sessions they went from learning the basics of bike control to finishing with a led ride on some of the best XC trails around and graduating as true MTB riders!
March 2019
It's about giving something back....
Nik and I have just completed and passed our British Cycling Level 1 Rider Leader award. This is more of a recreational qualification that allows us to take groups on road, pathway and double track, with rides up to 50 miles total distance. We decided to complete this award so that we can volunteer with British Cycling and put on fun, traffic free rides that show people our local area and hopefully get them hooked on cycling.
It's something we've wanted to do for a while as we really want to encourage new and returning riders to get active and start to enjoying the benefits that a life on 2 wheels can offer. 
These rides will be posted on the British Cycling Let's Ride website....


February 2019

Stoked and to announce that we have been asked to become an ambassador for #TotalMTB!!! 

Even though we've know Ryan at #TotalMTB for a while we were not expecting this :)

We will be sporting their jersey and promoting #TotalMTB and there brands alongside our friends at events, our coaching sessions and guided rides throughout 2019. 

You can checkout their website by clicking their logo here...







December 2018

We are absolutely stoked to announce that we have are now officially associated with the awesome Tom & Sian aka...







This amazing couple distribute bicycle accessories and components that set new benchmarks in performance. Imported from the USA and South Africa they sell to bike shops as well as the end-consumer in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

We already buy and use their Timber Bell, Smoove Lube and Louri products and we have an eye on purchasing a set of their new Rev Grips to see if we can sort out Niks issue of tingly / numb fingers at the end of a long ride. 

Gift vouchers are available for all our courses and guided rides!
January 2020
2020 marks our 10th year of coaching sports. 
It all started with becoming a football coach to help youngsters in our local community, which in turn helped us rediscover our passion for off road cycling and it has grown from there.
This year we hope to see Nik qualify as a MTB Ride Leader and Andy qualify as a Cyclo Cross coach.
We are happy to announce that we are continuing as part of the #TOTALMTB ambassador team for2020 and we are hoping to continue our work with the British Cycling Youth MTB Talent Development Team, the Forestry Commission Team at Sherwood Pines Forest Park, Sherwood Pines Cycles, Sherwood Pines Cycling Club & begin a long term relationship with Belper Bike Barn & Tannenbaum Glamping & Campsite. 


November 2018

We've been working with a group of riders called the No Name Syndicate in 2018 providing them with skills coaching and fitness instruction. It's been a great experience and we've all learnt a lot. We are proud to announce that we are continuing this association into 2019 with No Name Syndicate rider 'G' who is taking part in his 1st Enduro event, this being the Ard Rock Enduro in August! It's a hell of an introduction to the world of Enduro and we are going to be providing 'G' with Enduro specific skills development caching and fitness instruction. 'G' for his part is a very enthusiastic, willing and capable rider who's documenting his 'journey' on the No Name Syndicates blog. 

You can find out how he's getting on here...







November / December 2018

We've spent a lot of time chatting with and listening to the riders we have coached and guided over this year and we've been developing and refining the skills courses, guided rides and types of MTB fitness instruction that we offer. 

Keep your eyes peeled over the next month as we update our courses page with the new details and please get in touch if you'd like further details :-)
















26th August 2018 

We are stoked to announce that we are now officially associated with the following brands 👊

     Rad8 MTBglasses                            The Mudhugger                             Broken Riders                                 mtb batteries


We've used and abused their products for years, love their quality, customer service and passion for MTB, so it's amazing to have them on board 👍

















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