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1 + 1 Adult & Child Intro to MTB Skills Course

Wednesday 16th February 2022 Sherwood Pines Forest Park

Our first 1 + 1 Intro to MTB Skills Course at Sherwood Pines Forest Park in a long time!

This is a group course for up to 8 pairs of riders. A pair is 1 child (6 - 12 yrs) + 1 adult.

The riders will be split into 2 groups for the morning session. Young riders with Steve and adults with Andy, where you will learn the core off-road riding techniques including - body position/movement, progressive braking, cornering, and how to ride trail features such as roots, rocks, drops and jumps, that will boost your confidence and skill level.

In the afternoon session, the groups join together and head out onto select parts of the trail network where we practice and hone these new skills on progressively more challenging terrain.

All riders will need to wear a helmet, be riding a geared bike that is suitable for off-road terrain, and have 2 working brakes. Riders can be expected to cover a distance of 6 - 8 miles throughout the day.

The course cost is £80 for 1 child and 1 adult.

To book or for further information please get in touch via the contact us button.

Many thanks

Performance MTB.

Sherwood Pines Forest Park 
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