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At PMTBUK we are proud to be associated with some of the UK's best independent MTB brands. 


We met these companies whilst attending events across the UK and have found their products, customer service and passion for MTB to be second to none.

We buy their products and wear / use them with pride, these companies share our values that MTB is for everyone to enjoy and that you can strive to #bethebestyoucan 

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TotalMTB is the brain child of Ryan O who is on a mission to promote MTB riders and brands across the globe!
TotalMTB are growing company and in 2019 they are expanding their brand and rider base.
To that end we have been asked to become ambassadors for 2019! We will be sporting their jersey and promoting #TotalMTB and their brands alongside our own friends at events, coaching sessions and guided rides :)
Cyclorise are a progressive husband and wife team aka Sian and Tom who distribute bicycle accessories and components that set new benchmarks in performance. Imported from the USA and South Africa, they sell to bike shops as well as the end-consumer in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.
We've know them and bought their products for a few years now so it's amazing to have them associated with us. We can highly recommend Smoove Lube (it's the only one we use) their Timber Bell (it does exactly what it say's it does) and we use Louri straps to help spread the load and carry equipment on our bikes.
In autumn 2018 they secured the UK distribution rights for Rev Grips a unique shock absorption grip system from the USA. 

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We wear our BR T's n hoodies when we are off the bike, chillin out eating a well earned slice of cake or chatting to mates down the pub.

Their range of ethically sourced MTB casual clothing has a style all of its own and takes a fun slant on our mountain biking mishaps.  

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We've been using MTB Batteries products for a few years now, they've lit our way through 12 and 24 hr events as well as illuminating the gnarliest of trails on our guided night rides.

Built and tested in the UK they are affordable, reliable, and extremely durable with customer service and back up that's second to none.

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Rad8 design quality riding glasses that are built to cope with the rigours of riding in the UK. From solid tint to photochromic lens they offer a range of styles to suite most riders needs.


We highly recommend their photochromic lens especially if you are darting from lush shaded forest into bright open vista's as they adjust to the ambient light conditions very quickly indeed.


They have recently teamed up with the great folk at The Mudhugger to produce a 'matt black MH' version of their 504 range which we think are pretty sweet! 

Please click the link below to take you through to their company website

The FR front Mudhugger is permanently fixed to our bikes, come rain or shine it's there to do it's job and it does this better than any product available on the market today.


When the UK weather get's real grotty (and it does) we don't lock up our bikes and dust off the turbo, we dust off our rear Mudhugger and we are off, nothing beats developing your skills on mud strewn trails and nothing keeps the muck off your butt like a rear Mudhugger! 

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The MTB Meetup event has since its inception over 5 years ago become a brand in it's own right and this has happened pretty much all by the tapping of a keypad on Twitter and bit of word of mouth.

The MTB Meetup event was created to get like minded MTB riders who chatted on social media to actually meet up! It worked!...It worked so well that it's grown into one of the if not the most attended free MTB event in the UK.

We love attending MTB Meetup, we get to hang

out and ride with MTB friends who live all over the UK and what's even better is we get to make new MTB friends too, it's a proper welcome all social event.

Please click the link below to take you through to the event website

We are not 'officially' associated with Sender but we love their products and they've an infectious spirit for MTB. I've been practising my manual using their manual machine for a couple of months and its a cracking peice of coaching equipment. They have just launched (no pun intended) a range of portable, foldable jumps called the 'Launch Pad'. We've purchased a couple and are excited to add these to our kit bag and to use them in our MTB coaching. 

Here's a bit about them in their own words...


Sender Ramps started at our home in Aviemore built from rough off cuts of plywood and some 3x2. Playing after school and at weekends (when we couldn't get on the trails) the ramps kept getting bigger and the gaps further and after some near misses we thought we better get back to the drawing board and do it properly. Untreated Birch Plywood Does NOT last outside!


Sender Ramps has evolved through fun and passion from these simple beginnings to allow riders of all abilities to practice and progress more safely.

Please click the link below to take you through to their website

Once again we are not officially 'associated' with Vinyl Bear but they are our chosen supplier for our corporate riding and casual gear. 
Gareth and the team are friendly, professional and passionate about what they do and offer great customer service as well as competitive prices on the products they offer.

Please click the link below to take you through to their website

Even though we are not associated with Sherwood Pines Cycles they are our local bike shop and a place that we gravitate to when out and about riding our local trails. 

We meet many of our customers on the benches outside the shop and often these customers pop in to purchase last minute spares, get their bikes serviced / checked over and on the odd occasion even buy a new bike!


The shop's team are friendly, helpful and pretty much always on hand for advice and recommendations to riders visiting the Sherwood Pines Centre. 

Not only does the shop provide all the services you'd expect from an established and reputable company, they also run a sizeable bike hire fleet for when things don't quite go your way. 

Please click the link below to take you through to their company website

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