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Mountain bike skills development and advanced natural terrain skills coaching

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All bookings require payment in advance, cancellations within 2 weeks of date are not refundable, alternative dates will be arranged. 

Mountain Bike Skills Development Courses

Our courses are held at Sherwood Pines Forest Park in Nottinghamshire, Belper Bike Barn/Tannenbaum Campsite in Derbyshire, and in the Peak District National Park.  


Our courses are for riders who want maximum fun and enjoyment out of riding their mountain bikes developing their skills in a fun, progressive environment.


Our courses are available as 1 2 1 or for groups of up to 4 riders. Courses run over a full day and cover the core techniques that are essential for smoother, faster, more confident riding. The first part of the day is spent learning and practicing the core techniques off-trail, after a break, we head out to the trails to turn the techniques into confident riding skills.

Courses are suitable for new riders taking to the trails for the first time, intermediate/developing riders who want to ride more technically challenging terrain, experienced riders who want to ride faster with more flow, and families who want to have fun, learning and developing together.

As part of the planning for your course, we ask you to complete a Rider Profile, to find out more about you, your riding experience, your goals, and what you'd ultimately like to achieve, and use this information to plan your day.

Techniques which can be covered in our courses include:

How to ride: 






How to: 





Front-wheel lift

Rear-wheel lift




Bunny hop

Use body movement and position

Throughout our courses we discuss:

Bike set up 

Line choice

Trail etiquette

Nutrition and hydration

Emergency trailside repairs 

Riding kit and equipment. 

Course prices

Sherwood Pines, 1 2 1 - £120

Sherwood Pines, 2 2 1 - £150

Sherwood Pines, group of 3 (max 4 riders) riders - £200

Sherwood Pines, family (max 4 riders) - £200

Other options are available, please contact us to discuss your requirements

All prices correct as per November 2020

Payment in full via PayPal at time of booking.

For every course we provide a pre-course itinerary that details everything that you need to know about your day including times, meeting place and any essential equipment/kit needed.


Our natural terrain skills day requires a good level of fitness/concentration (a dropper post is recommended) as these courses involve climbing (sometimes pushing) and descending steep unpredictable terrain.

Natural Terrain Skills Development Day

Our natural terrain skills days are planned to introduce you to natural, progressively more technical, unpredictable terrain and teach you how to ride with increasing skill, confidence, and flow.

This is not a guided ride, this is a coach-led ride. The rides are about developing the techniques and skills needed so you can explore the UK's natural trails on your own.

Our natural terrain skills days take place in various locations across the Peak District National Park.

Natural terrain skills day prices

1 2 1 -  £125

2 2 1 -  £150

Group of 3 / 4 riders - £225

Family max 4 riders - £225


All prices correct as of November 2020

Payment in full via PayPal at time of booking.

Specifically developed for MTBer's who want to improve their fitness whilst they, well...just ride! 
No strict training plan simply get more out of your everyday riding. It even works on your turbo too!
  • Initial phone/social media conversation
  • Analysis of rider profile
  • Meeting/telephone/social media conversation to discuss rider profile, typical event demands (physiological demands, technical demands, psychological demands)

  • Production of your 'FOCUSED MTB RIDING' plan overview. This is based upon the fundamentals of MTB fitness, the types of events that you like taking part in and how this can be best included in the riding that you do

  • The production of the rider training zone bands chart

  • Base fitness and benchmarking test (as required)

  • Bike fit and set up advice. Bike kit and equipment advice

  • Nutrition and hydration, general guidance and advice

  • Off bike training, general guidance and advice

  • Production of your 'FOCUSED MTB RIDING' plan

  • Meeting/telephone/social media conversation to review the first

  • Ongoing advice, support and plan amendments as required

  • Specific advice and 'FOCUSED MTB RIDING' plan amendments in the run up to an event 

  • Analysis of training plan notes and performance data provided by rider (as required)

   Group packages are also available...get your friends involved too!

Please use the Contact Us! button for further information on costs and availability

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