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Rider Feedback

We all love a bit of positive feedback don't we?

Well we do as it's awesome when riders engage and enjoy developing their skills.

Here's a bit from some of our fantastic customers...

Feedback from our first Cyclo-Cross race-specific skills course in Jan 2023

Some constructive feedback that we have taken on board from a recent coaching session at Sherwood Pines Forest Park.

"Pretty good balance of skills training and then putting it into practice on the trails.

Really good progression from basics through the essential skills, starting with some basic bike checks. Really enjoyed putting it altogether out on the trails.

There may be some scope to alter the balance just a little, with a bit more time spent on the trails practicing."

AB, Nottingham May 2022

Feedback from a recent skills development course at Sherwood Pines - Forestry England with 2 new riders...

"We both feel it was set up perfectly for us. You'd taken the time to research our bikes and I think you had a good understanding of where we were both at in terms of skill level and experience. We learned just as much off the bike as on it, and we set up the cockpit and forks the next day on both bikes with the knowledge you gave us."

"The coaching was superb, and really built up confidence in the bikes and our abilities. You were always aware of what was going on, and sympathetic to our skill level and fitness."

M & J, Nottingham May 2022 

Here's some feedback from one of latest sessions held on a rather nice day towards the end of October 2021.

"The precourse contact really set up the day, and we really appreciated the effort you went to in order to cover the areas we had identified on the booking form."

"H doing ‘over the top was a massive achievement. She really appreciated your coaching and encouragement to work up to it.

J was just buzzing and wants more.

I feel my cornering is really improving and I now have a good feel of what to keep working on and refining."

The 'E' family, Nottingham

Nice bit of feedback from the last Skills Development Day with Nick, a rider returning to MTB after a few years away - July 2021.

What would you like to see more of?

"Not much tbh, the course was really good, covered the basics to make sure I had those right. *Maybe* a bigger ramp on the flat? But I did say I was a total novice and that ramplooked like a bugger to heft over, so no big deal."

What went well?

"All of it! The discussion, theory, practice etc… all really REALLY good. Boosted my confidence MILES – so much so, I

went out and did the Follow the Dog at Cannockon my own last weekend – and there’s severalbits there that would have had me worried before, but I breezed them"

What did not go well?

"Erm… can’t think of anything at all to put here!"

Another nice bit of feedback from a local rider we coached at the end of June.

I was very happy with the course content and thought you did well to accommodate us both despite the age and ability differences.

I was pleased that the coaching style was informal and chatty. I wouldn’t have wanted a technically heavy and pedantic approach.

Above all I feel that we had a great day in terms of fun, socially, and at the same time learnt new skills and put them into practice.

Personally, I was most pleased with tackling some of the drops on the Bike Park – something I wouldn’t have attempted with any degree of confidence prior to your coaching session. - PL - June 2021, Sherwood Pines Forest Park

Also really appreciated you getting our son back on board when he zoned out.  He learnt a lot and I was so impressed with how you ran it and taught it. - Parents comments from our latest Kids Intro to MTB skills course, May 2021

Genuinely really had a wonderful time. Probably for the first time I don't feel like I'm pretending when I say I'm a mountain biker. So thank you for this - Justin, Nottingham May 2021


Fantabulous quote from parents about our 'Kids Fundamental MTB Skills Day' with Belper Bike Barn in April 2021

"Definitely recommend it! They’ve had a fab day and learnt loads and are absolutely knackered!"

Really enjoying mountain biking on Exmoor, could not have done it without your training. Despite having been coming here for over 30 years, mountain biking opening up lots of places we have never seen before - Shane & Kath, Nottingham Oct 2020

Just wanted to say thank-you for such a lovely day yesterday. I was very nervous about it beforehand and thought I would never gain enough confidence to go down even the slightest incline but you skilfully built me up to it and now I know I will really be able to enjoy some great mountain biking adventures.


Please do pass my comments on to anyone else. I’d be happy to chat to anyone who is thinking of doing some training with you. If you can manage to get me trying a jump you can do anything! - Kath, Nottingham Aug 2020

Really delivered what I was hoping for which was skills and confidence to try and enjoy some mountain biking in future, both on holiday and at home - Shane, Nottingham Aug 2020
Really great feedback from a fab couple on their recent skills day...
Andy was encouraging all of the time and at no point did I feel stupid or incapable.  A great coach with a very relaxed style - Angie, Derby Aug 2020
Andy soon developed my trust in him to know how far I could go, if he said I could, I believed it and delivered - Dave, Derby Aug 2020

I’ve been riding a mountain bike on and off for around twenty years - and I’m generally quite happy on it. But really, it’s just long service trying not to fall off. I’ve picked up some skills but I’ve never really taken time out to learn.

A day of coaching with Andy today was a massive eye opener - some instruction resulted in an obvious improvement to different skills over and over again. I tried things that I’d normally avoid and turned my attitude towards them around to the point I was looking forward to having another go and do better.

It was so confidence boosting to feel the improvements.

All in all - a wonderful day - a lot of fun - and I’m looking forward to putting what I’ve learnt into practice on other rides very soon.

Absolutely recommended I’ve you’ve never done anything like this, it’s a much better investment than a shiny new part for a bike! This will pay off for years to come.

Thank you - Dave, Mansfield, July 2020

Despite my initial expectations, I found the first sessions on the open grassed area extremely useful. In-fact it changed the fundamentals of how I'll now ride on every session on the bike.

Thinking about 'momentum' and how I can use that to ride over around, up or down obstacles, was also another big learning curve.

Andy's teaching style perfectly matched my learning style. I like to fully understand why something works and try that technique until I start to get it right. All riding principles taught were verbally well explained and practically demonstrated. Paul, Nottingham, March 2020

Kinda like this quote which we received on one of our most recent rider feedback forms... 

Best money I have spent on MTB’ing! LB, Nottingham February 2020

It's not often that a rider we coach writes about their experience in a blog, but Leigh has just done that! You can read about his experience here....

Wow, thank you Andy 😊 It’s been an epic weekend, 2 days couldn’t have been more different but I thoroughly enjoyed both and learnt so much and I will be grinning for a long time to come! You’ve given me skills to work on, allowed me to realise I am far more capable as a rider than I give myself credit for and the confidence to go and do more. Look forward to the next chapter of skills with you 😊 x CB, Nottingham February 2020
I just want to say thank you again for the weekend’s coaching - you’ve got me over my nemesis’s and I’m now tackling terrain and obstacles I would once shy away from. I’ve learnt so much in two days that I can now focus on going forward and have to say your coaching style is so relaxed and informal it really doesn’t feel like you’re being coached just out with your mates on a ride ! I’ll be back for more ! LB, Nottingham February 2020
I would highly recommend Andy Hampshire is an awesome coach. Wouldn't be where I am now without him. DW, Enduro/Downhill Racer, Nottingham December 2019

My son was super impressed thank you so much. CW, Nottingham December 2019

Many thanks for your time, really enjoyed it and learnt loads, top man! TF, Sheffield December 2019

Very good communication when we enquired.

Prompt and helpful responses to emails which convinced us we were making the right choice rather than go somewhere more local.

Andy is a great bloke, totally on our wavelength, made everything fun.

Great explanations of techniques.

Very encouraging.

Fills you with confidence both is what he is saying and in your own abilities.

J & M, Reading - August 2019


Went from getting over smaller jumps thinking I got away with that to getting over some much bigger ramps and feeling confident that I now had the right technique to tackle these with confidence. C, Grantham - July 2019

Can't find the right words to say that today meant to me and what your patience and coaching has enabled me to achieve...thank you simply is not a big enough word. N, Nottingham - June 2019

It was a awesome experience. I think I may just be liking a bit of downhill now (never thought I'd be saying that). A day full of adrenaline concentration laughter screams fun and a little bit of fear thrown in. Well recommended'A' Nottingham

Everything was well planned, plenty of time / goes at learning techniques even getting to watch the difference between the ladies was useful for me.
Slowly building up techniques so it all fitted in when riding on the trails. Plenty of breaks for resting, sweets and chatting.
Your easy going manner made everyone feel relaxed and feel able to ask questions and talk freely. 'V' Derbys
Sincere thanks to the team Andy & Nik who have obviously put a lot of thought into this & the course.
Easy to learn from and a comfortable team to put ones trust in. 'S' Norfolk

It was an ace day, thanks Andy, really gave me confidence to tackle descents I wouldn't normally ride. 'A' Nottingham

Was a brilliant day with some great descents. Awesome coaching from Andy - thanks!

Really enjoyed those descents and improved my confidence with the coaching you gave us. Looking forward to getting out and practicing bombing down some rock gardens!

 'C' Nottingham


I would highly recommend Andy for anyone wanting to improve or get more out of their mountain biking. The techniques he showed us had an immediate impact on my riding, and I can’t wait to get out on a longer ride. Highly recommended. 'M' Leeds

It's not everyday that riders post about being coached via their YouTube channel but that's exactly what Lew from To The Trail has done following his first ever day's MTB skills development coaching.


Check it out here....

I have already noticed a progression in my riding in the brief amount of riding I have managed since the session - 'J' Nottingham
You are clearly very knowledgeable, this was evident, as was your passion. Nothing better to get motivated than hearing someone who is passionate about what they do - 'P' Hants
A great day, expertly delivered and above all, bags of fun. Looking forward to the next gathering - 'J' South Wales
The theory component was useful alongside the skills practice to reinforce points. Good to know why you're doing something, not just to repeat it over & over again - 'R' Notts

Tailored my training to suit the time restrictions put upon me by a busy work and personal life. Always ensured each session was targeting specific areas to improve my race performance - Nick Parker aka @pipilechat

Andy is one of the nicest guys in mountain biking and has worked incredibly hard to get to this level. Give him a follow and talk to him if you're looking to improve your riding. #bethebestyoucan - Si Bradley @Good_Guy_Si the founder and organiser of @MTBMeetupUK


"Training with Andy was great, he kept it fun and interesting whilst focusing on my goals. He scheduled my training around my life rather than the other way around which was a huge benefit for me. Its made a massive difference to my racing this year, enabling me to confidently step up to a higher standard of racing."

"Cheers! I must admit I felt really strong when we were out riding on Sunday - it was with a couple of friends who live on the 'fun' side of Sheffield so they were showing us some local hidden gems, so still a lot of climbing and fun descents!"

"Completed on a road ride. found a local hill 1 mins long. New MAX watt per min set 451Watts. Felt strong throughout the sets. Good to do the session outdoors."

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